Ma10et Upgrades..........

Need to know Ma10etu Upgrades

Am asking for a complete list of upgrades for the ma10.....
I need to know what parts to get and what to do.....
I want to reach between 120-180hp

I heard its been done b4:
Saw a guy post this on another website:

the ma10 is a march 1000 cc engine there's a ma10et which is a turbo version and the ma09ert which is the super turbo version that is 930 cc where as the ma10 is 989cc . If u want to mod a ma10 cabby u will have to take it to a bike tuner due to it size .. list of mod for NA applications i heard are the ma10et or ma09ert on the ma10 block rasies the compression and the head design is better, 4 cabbys like the bikes grind cams as there are no aftermarket racing cams port head, coil etc .. turbo the ma09ert head on the ma10et block with the ma10 pistons with a toyota levin or toyota crown supercharger and a t28 turbo , bigger injectors and fuel pump rumored to deliver 200+ hp on a 1000 cc engine. read a march did a 160 mph in 1/2 mile stretch and 13sec 1/4 on a conversion similar to this

So help me out guys........List parts and install info