MA10et swap.

I have the ECU and loom off of a figaro to here, I will eventually have the engine I just need to know where by in the ecu I need to splice to the switch earth and power from my key barrel, I’be been told there’s a plug in the centre of the loom running by the firewall which comes from the wiper motor, I’ve been told that it has a switch earth and power and comes straight from the key barrel so that’s that half sorted, I just need to know what wire in the ecu loom I need to splice into my loom from the key barrel in order for the ecu to now have a switch earth and full 12v power on ignition. The wiring diagram I have is in Japanese and doesn’t give a lot of information, I’m guessing I need to splice the wire from the ECCS ( fuel supply ) but I don’t know what colour wire or which plug it comes from in the ecu. Help here will be much appreciated, thanks
best bet be to try google translate on diagram,might give a rough idea of what to look for
I have a rough idea of what to look for, it just doesn’t say what colour wire and which plug out the ecu it comes from is my problem. If someone here who has done the swap from carb to injection has photos of the wires and which ones they’ve spliced into each other that should point me in the right direction.