MA10ET rocker / tappet / valve spring issue... no room for adjustment on 1 and 2 ?!

Hi all,

I'm attempting to set my tappets... I have found that one and two valve springs remain against the rockers and so no adjustment is possible. Maybe I have weakened valve springs, maybe the wrong springs, maybe something else?

I made a quick video to explain...

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance.
Few possible things come to mind for me .

First off possible worn valve seats in the head causing valve to "close" more than usual .

If somebody had changed rocker assembly before could it have had a possible issue of dropping a valve / timing belt snap etc and when valves were changed was 2 seats put under the spring ?

Are you 100% percent sure your on tdc ? Just rotate the engine watching the rocker assembly opening and just as the valve closes then see can you get them to rock /freeplay while still rotating the engine .
(Forget about tdc marks JUST WHILE CHECKING THIS )

Could go all day with guessing but I'd need to see the car in person to understand the situation better .

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is the slot-end thread adjusted fully up matt ?
the wear on the sides of the rocker is normal
Also while watching your video it looks to me you have the tappet in all the way . Undo the lock nut and with flat blade screwdriver turn the tappet anti clockwise. See if this helps

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Unscrew the tappet a bit. Also are you sure you are on the right stroke? Turn the engine 360 degrees and see if it changes