Lowering kits

The Renault ones would probably be the best direct fitting ones.
Not sure if prices vary much.
Have not wanted to lower the micra here but have looked for suspension parts in the past as my front struts are untidy looking.
As far as I know for the K12
You have two options one being standard and second being sport suspension.
Sticking with stock was my original thought to put sport springs and shocks.
After searching I quickly realised that even if I go standard it will be quite expensive.
So have put those to the bottom of me list of needs.

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I've got a k13 digs, it's an every day driver, I've had coilovers, springs and shockers, as I use it every day I've settled for std monroe shocks on the front, std bilstein on the rear with the H+R sports springs as the eibach ones were too harsh. It's great now and I drive it hard. Polybushes all round next!

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A comfortable ride is always preferable over being extremely lowered.
I have seen the Monroe shocks.
Was considering those to replace my front set.
This would require me to swap out the rear at same time. By you add up all the parts if you replace everything including the tops bushes and bearing etc.
Its worth the effort and price. To have a more responsive in corners and a lower more sporty feel, stance overall.
My plan b would be to just replace with standard in the front and have little if any difference.
I have a few more tasks to complete before I decide if I can actually manage to upgrade them.

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