Lowering, camber and stretched tyres


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which model of daewoo matiz struts would fit k11's frank? thanks
I think up to about 05 ishy, and re the suzuki rears, i have the alto ones on the front of the white car atm, and they are ideal for a slightly stiffer 50+ mm drop :)
Thanks frank, had a slight mishap whilst I was driving on a Aroad, never seen the mini round about and the triangle just before it with the yellow box thing, before I knew it I was hard on the brakes and jumped the kerb which was about a foot in height so did some damage to the car :( have to replace both front struts so I Thought why not go lower :D just another question have you got a link for the struts like what I have to change ie top mounts swooping over? Thanks


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There are some threads on cisco,s with pics ishy (another n/a, and ghetto turbo) and yes you use the k11 topmount :)


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thomas bridges said:
And are they a straight fit back and front?
No, simple to adapt. Back won't fit.

Search on here, many many many times this has been covered.

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