Lower Suspension Arms Replacement?


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Hi all,

Had my partners K12 Micra in the garage for service and a wee check.
They said that both the front lower suspension arm bushes where cracked, and needed replaced, as when the MOT came up it would fail on these. They quoted £367 to supply and fit them o_O
Car done 45k, shouldn't they last longer than this?

Called my local motor factors when we got home and can get good replacements for £54 each, so £108 in total, plus my own time replacing them. Sounds better than £367 :)

How easy is it to replace them? Had a quick look and outer ball joint looks ok to get out, but can't see inner mounts.

Any advice would be helpful, wish their was a Haynes manual for this car, would save a lot of questions. Bring on August 2008 when Haynes say they will bring out one.

Thanks for any help.



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i would see what your mot man says first, the dealers might just be touting for work !
when the bushes are shot, the car will veer left or right when you accelerate or lift