Low idle, warm engine


So I'm new to the forum and have close to zero knowledge about cars. But since I bought a K11 last week, so I decided it was a good time to join and learn some stuff.

So my car is a beautiful blue model. It has ~170 000 km on it, is a little bit on the rusty side (not too bad though), has a rattling heat plate and has a broken horn. However, the car runs perfectly fine while driving. I can fix the rattling heatplate and broken horn no problem (a friend of mine can help me).

However; I noticed my car runs a little rough while idling with a warm engine. The revs seem to be pretty stable, but I think they are just on the low side.
When the engine is cold, there are no problems whatsoever. But after a few minutes of warming up, the car starts to shake lightly. As soon as I give it a slight bit of gas, the problem is gone. The car doesn't stall, it just shakes slightly.
Also, when the engine is warm and I start the car, It doesn't really rev up a whole lot. It just starts with low revs.

I read some stuff about adjusting the Idle Control screw on the throttle body. Could this fix the issue? If so, how sensitive is the adjustment? Should I just move it a few degrees, or turn it a whole turn? Or should I try something completely different?
Thanks Frank. I turned 1/4 turn and it seems to run better now (this could be because the engine being cold ofcourse). I havent driven it yet, but I'll let you know.
Is the screw supposed to be a little tight? Because mine was very loose to turn.