Looking to upgrade to CD/MP3 player...

Hey guys,

I recently bought a 2001 model of Nissan Micra and been wanting to upgrade the tape player to a CD player with Aux in for my MP3 player. I've been looking around and found these two players that has good specs but I'm not too sure about the brand:
Problem is, they are both from InPhase, which according to a friend, is not a well established as of now and thinks would be very unreliable and wouldn't last, but I'm drawn to it because of the reviews its got (but these don't reflect the long term reliablity).
Other two that I was initially interested in were:

I really like the design of the first InPhase stereo but am worried about the long term reliability. Also, what sort of adapters would I need? I'm a student on a strict budget and it won't be great if the adapters end up costing twice as much as the stereo itself (hoping to get all of this done under £80). Would I be able to get the relevant adapters from Halfords?

Another stupid question: Would this fit in my car?

Thanks in advance for any help guys. Awaiting for replies :)