Looking for plastic element in trunk

Hi everyone, it's my first message here so hello to everyone :)

Some time ago I lost this plastic thingy (one in trunk, I marked it in picture below). I'm having problems with finding replacement. Lack of it is really getting on my nerves as car is much more "noisy" when driving :/
Zrzut ekranu 2019-12-27 o 19.59.49.png

Does anyone know what is the name of it? Under which key should I search in ebay, amazon etc? I asked mechanics for parts, but they didn't have any.
Hi this part you may have to ask a breaker about as the do not often list them.
In my micra it seems to have lost its clips and sometimes falls inwards its annoying.
If you search an eBay breaker then you can send them a message and a picture of the item.
Some will be happy to help you.
Other than this I am certain that the boot scratch panel. That I can only guess is the name. Because it prevents the paint work being scratched.
Its just plastic but if anyone knows more of how this can be reattached I would be glad to know.

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Thanks for replies @Sparky2018 @Jakesween2 !
I got lucky and found missing piece. I wasn't able to find it on ebay/amazon, but got lucky and found it on my local ebay equivalent for ~ 12£ with shipping - https://allegro.pl (I'm from Poland).

I also broke my clips, that's reason for loosing rear cover. I found them in my local car parts shop ~4£, but looking at label I can see they got it from https://romix.pl

For anyone looking for name, it would be something like: "rear belt cover" or "rear doorstep cover", not sure though, I'm lousy car parts translator ;)

I'll post link to both, maybe it'll be helpful to someone:
Rear cover: https://allegro.pl/oferta/nissan-micra-k12-oslona-nakladka-pasa-tylnego-8475526693
Clips: https://www.romix.pl/spinka-tapicerska-c60746-p7821.html