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Looking for low mileage K11 1.3 Pre-face lift (Pre coil-pack)

Hi all,

New to this forum. Just bought my second K11 1997 1.3 today for £750 (sold my first one with 33k on the clock and wish I hadn't). This one has only travelled a mere 26k with full service history (about 20 stamps!) and one elderly lady from new with the gold old National Trust sticker - and what a little gem it is! Love these little cars, and now my brother wants one - he had a 1.0 litre one several years back, but now wants the 1.3 after seeing mine!

So if anyone has a low mileage 1.3 for sale please let me know - willing to pay a fair price for it.
And in the unlikely event that anyone wants to sell me a low mileage super S (willing to pay a handsome sum) please also let me know.