Looking for a Pao with manual transmission - are they out there?

Dear everybody,

I am looking for a Nissan Pao in Europe and i seem to have a hard time to get a hold on one with a manual transmission...

Can anyone help me with some production numbers or an indication whether it is impossible to get a hold on a manual version?

Thank you everybody and have a great day.
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They exist but are rare, you may have to import one from Japan with that specification.

I bought an automatic and converted it to manual and the larger 1.2 engine from a K10 Micra.
Dear Halkyon,
Thank you for your answer! :)
Two questions you might be able to help me by answering:
1. Any idea how strong the automatic gearbox is? Will it withstand any modifications?
2. I normally source cars through eBay.co.up or mobile.de - any suggestions for other sites or groups?
Thank you for your help :)
Can't really help with either question. I doubt the transmission would be happy with anything putting out more torque than the 1.2 variant though. My manual has a bit of a whine on the 5-speed and that's hardly got any miles on!
If the auto box is the same as the Figaro one, it's horrendous.

I manual swapped my Figaro using K10 micra parts, I would suggest the same for a Pao.