Looking another key!

As the title says ! I am looking another key for my k12.. is there another way of getting one without going to the dealership.
Hi, try this link: /www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Uncut-Remote-key-Fob-2-Button-433MHz-PCF7946-for-Nissan-Micra-K12-2002-2010/333268199094.

Once you get the key go to a locksmith who will cut the key to your old one and reprogram it, I use ASDA for mine!!:unsure:
That’s great ! Didn’t realise they can did that .. don’t think the Asda do it here though “Belfast “.. so will have to find another route to take for reprogram
Almost any locksmith shop can read the code, cut & progamme a replacacement at £30 approx.

A lot cheaper than the Nissan main dealers (Main Stealers)? :cool:
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It depends on the age of K12, the later one cannot be done by a locksmith and needs nissan or car key specialist to do it. Cheapest I've found was £125, but Nissan is over £250