Location of Micra 1.0 Manual K11 ECU

I'm trying to find out how to remove the ECU in my Micra 1.0 K11 2001. I have attached a pic. I believe the box at the front is possibly the Airbag ECU. There is a box located behind that but I cannot read any labels as they are hidden. I have contacted a Nissan dealer who has given me the part number of the engine ECU for my reg. which is 237101 F702.

The numbers on what I think is the airbag ECU is 28556 AP002 and 0285 001 411. Can anyone confirm which is which and also how do I remove the engine ECU.

I had a garage perform diagnostics and they confirm the ECU is causing intermittent starting. He confirmed what I had experienced in that it is a problem when cold but not when warm. He suspects a solder joint so I wanted to remove the ECU to check. I have experience inspecting printed circuit boards as I used to work for a manufacturer some years ago. I may be barking up the wrong tree but it's worth a look. Any thoughts?

The ecu is behind the airbag ecu towards the front of the car. Has a large connector in iT And a alot of wires
No. 2 bolts in the front And 2 in the back If i remember correctly. Then you can slide iT the ecu out to the side
Take the kickpanels off on both sides.

The front panel you already have off if you can see the airbag module. The left/passenger side panel comes off easy. The right panel, near the pedals, is harder to get off because there's that black foot rest thing to the left of the clutch and the right panel is also attached to the ECU mount so you have to wiggle it free of both obstacles. I just snapped it to get it off.

Once you can see the ECU at the back behind the airbag, you have 2 choices to get it off. You can unscrew it from the mount (hard to do, I stripped one of the screws attempting this) and then once you've disconnected the wiring push the wiring off to the side and pull the ECU frontwards over the top of the airbag module, freeing it from it's mount.

Option 2 is to unscrew the whole mount. I have a picture of that here (/6gfdFdx.png) The picture shows it from the passenger side perspective. The black thing I'm talking about that makes it tricky is on the other side. All you need to remove to remove the whole thing is the red circle in the centre of the white thing (to remove the wiring) the small green circle on the bottom right, and another one of those just out of frame on the bottom left. Then pull the whole thing out of the passenger side away from the black foot rest. The large green circle shows the back foot, that isn't attached to the floor of the car, but that was what the left kick panel is attached to at the back with the plastic clip. The same with the right side, again the foot isn't attached to the floor but it was attached to the plastic kick panel.

Size 10 spanner for all 3 bolts. I know I've circled 2 more things in red but you don't need to touch those I made a mistake.
Just something else I thought of - remove the airbag fuse and the battery connections from the battery

I don't know how all that fancy electronic stuff works but I know an airbag has explosives in it that inflate the thing. You don't want to accidentally knock something while you're jostling around with it and the steering wheel explodes while you're bent down infront of it

Just remember to put it back in afterwards