Evening Chaps & Ladies!

I have a quick little problem that I look to you, the marvelous people of MSC for help with.

I want to upgrade the brightness of my headlights, but im in a bit of a dilema. I would like to have a HID style brightness to my headlights but all of the bulbs I have looked at have been "not legal for road use"...I dont want a blue tint, I would just like it to be like "daylight"


I want to upgrade the bulbs for my number plate to some bright LED's..Iv seen a few cars do this, and even though it is something only small, I really want to do it to mine. Does anyone know what type of led I would have to get so it would be Nice and BRIGHT!...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as always!

Thanks in Advance! :)
Well, HID's should do the trick for upgrading your headlights....
Look up the heat values to see which one is white ect...

And as for your number plates, the T5 Wedge LED the you would use in you side lights would work.
I have Ice White ones in mine and they work a charm :)


Thanks Moped Man...Iv found some bulbs for my number plate on this website: Nice and cheap!

In regards to the HID Style headlighting, well I have found a HID Kit for the Micra, but it is £125, so a bit pricey (Yes I am a cheap skate lol ). Thats why I was wondering if there was any other road legal way of making the headlights daylight bright (i.e using a certain bulb)

Thanks again!
Any motor factor (I work in/run one) will class the No. Plate Wedge bulbs as a B501 or LLB501 (Lucas Number), anyone using AutoCatalogue(AutoCat) Will know when they enter the details as it'l say "B0501/B501"

As for the Headlights look for the Phillips 80% Brighter ones! They are exactly that! We have the stand and Original look a pile o' sH17E compared! Those bulbs above arent a patch on Phillips there was a thing in Banzai or one of the mags a few months back about Ebay "Super Crystal Snow white xenon HID style blah blah blah bulbs" vs Osram, Phillips, Ultra and Lucas came out like;
Phillips 80% brighter
Ultra Auto Lights Ice white
Lucas Street white
Osram 30% Brighter
Ebay Specials - Turned out to be deamed un-worthy/un-trustable by MOT place they used

The LEDs in B501s can be any LEDs really aslong as their White!! and The B472s/H4s (Same bulb, 3 pin on teh back) HAVE to be "White/IceWhite" No blatantly blue bulbs!! :blush:

pain in teh butt! College > Work but Micra > College
No worries mate! Just glad I can help (Y)
If I can help someone on here maybe at a later date they might help me :grinning:
BTW look for the E-marked/Street legal bulb sif you want to pass MOT.. unless your going to swap them at MOT time??