Lightened Flywheel Drivability

Hey All

I'm planning on putting a lightened 1.0l flywheel into my car. The lightening and installation is straight forward and has been covered loads, but...

For anyone who has done it, how badly has it affected day to day drivability? So stalling, or dodgy gear changes and the like?


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I've been using a JUN ultralight 3.4kg flywheel with a really heavy duty 200mm Helix organic clutch on a daily basis since 2010 and imho you get used to it with practice, the same as adapting to any vehicle.

it only stalls if you don't give enough revs or don't pay attention but you soon learn the fine balance between clutch-slip vs throttle vs rpm. the rapid engine response is gr8 for accelerating, upshifts, downshifts with heel&toe. idles like normal too.