LED - Sidelights

Anybody running LED side lights in there K11 Micra.

I have fitted some Osram Nightbreakers dipped beams, but I know they won't last long as standard H4, though mostly my conditions of driving is dawn and dusk and want some brighter side lights, so can use them a bit more, looking at LED's are they straight replacement for the 501's?


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Ok thanks, looks to tick the boxes
Tried some similar to those...
LED sidelight bulb.jpg

Lasted weeks before they started losing individual diodes:mad:

A couple of months ago I got these....
Osram LEDs.jpg

Twice as bright as the old ones and appear to have a 6 Year guarantee:cool:
Osram LED sidelights.jpg
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They're pretty bright, i had the 10 led ones in before but they were too bright on my numberplate lights so replaced them with 6 led ones.
How do they compare with the sidelight ones on my K12 in the picture above?