Late K12 Aux and USB Upgrade for Double Din Audio

Greetings to other K12 lovers from Micratec in Essex

For those of you with an early K12 and have retro fitted the facelift centre console (like me) and have or are going to fit a double din audio upgrade who like to keep things looking stock, the original 3.5mm aux socket connection (picture 1) can be replaced with this:

I have seen similar connectors to this from Autoleads and Connects2 however I do not know if they are the same size as the original hole in the cup holder.

This USB and 3.5mm aux socket connection (picture 2) is a perfect fit, it is keyed and only fits in one way. As you can see the other end of the new cable has a 3.5mm plug and USB plug which go into the rear of most double din audio units, you just have to route the cable up to the back of the double din unit, you'll then have the aux and USB for audio and the USB for charging you phone.

Considerably less expensive than a genuine Nissan part from a Juke or Qashqai which wouldn't work anyway because they have the original loom connection.

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I completed the double din audio upgrade in my pre facelift 2007 Sport today, I think the end result looks great, as stock locking as I could get it. I cut a hole in the factory position in the headlining and fitted the stock microphone holder too.

For folk with a pre facelift car with the 6 cd changer radio you'll need a Connects2 CT23NS08 Double DIN Facia Plate to fill the gaps around the new radio because the aperture in the radio surround when you remove the standard radio isn't exactly proper double din dimensions, the fascia plate also helps with the contours of the surround match the new audio unit.

I have the steering wheel controls working as well. It's been a labour of love and a few experiments with different surrounds and brackets, as it happens the original pre facelift surround and bracket are the best fit. I wanted a radio with no physical buttons, this is the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB


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Your car is a 55 plate isn't it? Yours will be the same fitting as mine, you'll need to retain the original radio surround/air vents and original bracket. The holes on the new audio unit will line up with the holes on the bracket but using those holes makes the radio protrude too much and at an angle, the fascia plate is crucial, I didn't use the holes in the bracket, I found the best fit was for the radio holes to be sitting just below the upper holes on the bracket, I bit hard to explain without a photo of course, anyway after some experimenting and I got a fairly decent stock look I wanted. If you need any advice just hit me up and I'll try help.