late K11 starter motor - how to remove

It seems as though on the late K11 micras (the ones with individual coil packs) the starter motor is at the back of the engine rather than the front, and directly under the inlet manifold. Confirmed with a quick eyeball view from the top (not that easy to see!) and search on here...

How easy is it to remove "on your back" DIY? It does not look like there is much access or is it the case once you are under the car, its quite obvious, and more than enough room to get to the bolts? If I read correctly, there are a total of 2* 12mm bolts?



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the starter i have, has the thread in the starter for the upper bolt.
so it looke like you remove the upper bolt from the g/box side, and the lower bolt from under the car splank ?
is it a late or early starter motor?

I cant find a electronic service manual for the Micra, so been having a look through the Almera one to get an idea of what I am going to be up against and there are a few different versions but all with the same ideas. It does show one which has bolts either side... IE one bolts through the starter and one bolts into the starter as suggested.

Looks like its going to be a right pain to remove and refit... :(

Saying that, its been behaving itself recently, I think its when its really cold and been sat for a few days, I think the starter motor is sticking "on", causing a noise once the engine has started, and seems to cause drag on the engine until it dis-engages.... at least that the theory i am working on - was going to WD40 it, see if it helps and replace if it does...

Tempted just to order a new one, nip to a mates garage to borrow his ramps to make work a bit easier (bit of a treck though, I am in Chorley, and the garage is in Kendal!)
Please feel free to use this on the FAQ section of the site :)

Update.. Managed to get time to get under the car today (although that’s the last time I will be using that hydraulic jack - spat all its oil out!)

Anyway. There is a 14mm bolt either side. To get to the top one it is easier to remove the battery (good time to stick it on charge in the warm and clean up terminals). You should be able to see the starter motor from the top. There are 2 bolts right next to each other (annoyingly I remove the wrong one!) - it’s the one on the right as you face them from the passenger side wing. You are best cracking it to make it loose but don’t fully undo at this stage.

If you don’t want to take the battery out – make dam sure that the battery terminals are disconnected otherwise you may see some interesting fireworks later!

Get under the car, remove the 2 cables connected to the starter motor. There is a 12mm which can be done with a socket or ring spammer, and a 10mm solenoid wire which you are best using an open ended spanner for. Socket or ring spanner didn’t seem to fit. Push wires out of way. Next, undo the 14mm bolt, I used a 14mm socket, with an extension bar and my ratchet bar - not much room to work with though.

Once un-done, I found it easier to get a 2nd person to undo the top nut whilst I was holding on to the starter motor. Once free you can wiggle it out. I was on my back at the time, probably easier on a ramp and you could get both hands in easier.

To refit, the motor was a royal pain to get back home as there are things in the way, but you just need to keep at it. At this point, my helper wondered away but it would REALLY help to have the 2nd person to pop the top bolt in. I however managed to wedge the motor in and there was just enough room for my hand to reach around to hold it in place, whilst my other hand got a bit of a bite on the bolt. I did it up a bit but not fully, this allowed the 2nd bolt to go in a lot easier from the bottom. Reconnected cables and finished tightening of the top bolt.

Reconnected battery and tested. Jobs a good en..

now, lets hope the quick cleanup and WD40 soaking does the trick, otherwise I am going to have to do it all over again when I replace the ###### :(
Thank you Splank. Your guide, especially including spanner sizes, was a massive help in removing my starter motor today.
I hope I can get it back on the car again without too much difficulty.
Good accurate write up, I did mine a few weeks ago and yup, it was a pain in the arse, I wish you'd written it up earlier for me to read :D