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Kyle's Micra

So finally have done some stuff to the Micra worth posting about.

The story so far:
Picked the car up in November 2018 from a colleague and was originally for my sister to learn to drive in, long story short she went to university and didn't need to drive so it sat for a while. I had a W reg Suzuki wagon r that I had but sadly due to an accident caused by a muppet in a van, it was written off and was unrepairable. So I bought the Micra off my sister and have been learning to drive in it.

A couple of weeks after we bought it (2018) my dad went shopping in it and it wouldn't start/crank over. Was recovered to the garage I work at and a small section of the starter motor had sheared off in the gearbox housing (Photo to come), preventing it from turning over as it was lodged in the flywheel. Luckily the part that had broken off was in view and could be removed without taking the gearbox out. The colleague I bought it from had a spare one lying around, fitted it to the car and it started the first time.


The horn on the car broke so bought one of those cheap air horns off eBay and fitted it to the car. For the price of 15 quid, it's quite loud and is quite funny on a car this size.

Nearside headlight decided it didn't want to work anymore, so bought a new bulb but still didn't work on dipped beam. The connector had obviously been looked at before as it was covered in heat shrink, so I ordered a new connector and soldered it on, but still no luck. Decided to trace the wire back to see if there was anything obvious causing it not to work. Couldn't find anything and the fuse for the headlight wasn't broken.
It turns out the new bulb I bought was defective and didn't work on dipped beam, so basically took the car apart for no reason. But hey, at least after another new bulb it works so that's something.

Car clocked 73k miles and realised it was due a service. Changed the filter and put some new oil in and she still runs fine. 😅

Found a guy on facebook that was parting out his Micra so bought a full Gizfab handling brace kit and an instrument cluster with a tachometer. Have only managed to fit the front strut brace as of now, but later on, will fit the entire kit and install the cluster.