keyless entry fob

Hi I have the keyless entry on my micra k12 1.4 2003 model, what happens is that the doors unlock with the fob or by pressing the door button, but sometimes the fob will not lock the doors,
if I press the lock button on any door it will lock, but not on the fob.
If i leave it fore some time the fob will lock the doors, but only sometimes.

Someone has put a thread on here saying put ignition key in & out 6 times in ten seconds, then the hazards will flash, then reinsert key turn to ACC, then press any button does not work, hazards do not flash anyone know the correct procedure, or infomation thank you Blue.
although it could be something else, my mum's SVE has this "Keyless" system ....(annoys the heck outta me, but she loves it ^_^)
...her fob, and spare, have thier CR2032's changed every 3 months or so when they start to play up <_<
I've changed my standard key's battery, I think, just twice
...and that's when I got my car in December 2009, then late Summer last year when I started having to press it twice to get it to work LOL

I figure they eat batteries as they must be giving out a near constant signal to the NATs system to tell it that the key is in the car so the immobiliser doesn't kick in...

Change the battery...then see if it's still giving you jip ;)

I'll have a look and see if I can find a thread/post/info about the re-setting the key to the system thing (re-connecting/re-aligning or whatever)
Hi I have put new batteries in fobs, they do not do it all the time, only if I unlock the car then try to re-lock the car. If I unlock then drive it when I stop sometimes the car will re-lock on the fob, but it will lock if I press the button on the door.
It might be a different code with every micra have a read through the owners book to see if there is a code for your particular micra
When I got my K12 2005 SE the remote buttons didn't work (but the keyless entry and start did) so I took the remote apart. It was full of grease (yuk) and when I'd carefully cleaned it out the buttons worked again. Might be worth taking a look under the rubber layer inside to see what the PCB looks like.