Key problems

Hi there,
I bought a 2003 Nissan Micra k12 for €150 and tore the roof off to make it into a cart. Unfortunately the electronic key seems to be having problems. I can’t start the car without the electronics key working as it flashes on the dash. If anyone has a work-around for this I’d be delighted as the car is sitting idle
Is it a flashing immobiliser? Try put the key in and then try short the starter. If that works try out some type of push start button
Emmm, I can’t remember. I’ll go check in an hour or two. But from what I remember the key would turn and the red immobiliser light would flash instantly
So what you want to do is try find the starter motor mounted onto the gearbox just behind the intake behind the engine


This will be attached to the starter

1 - this is your small wire, has a lead from ignition attached to it
2 - Main 12v from battery

Touch them 2 both with a screwdriver - YOU MUST BE IN PARK OR NEUTRAL

Hold it together till the engine turns over enough to start.
If it keeps cranking without actually fully starting, most likely a faulty immobiliser issue. Need to go to dealer

If it starts, troubleshoot fuses 4,8, 12, 17 inside the car under the wheel. Video link:


Try to troubleshoot engine grounds, it can cause all sorts of electrical issues. There are a few grounds connecting to the chassis and block responsible for NATS.

I'm struggling to find them all right now but when I do I will let you know, just keep an eye out for any grounds and clean them up if they are oxidised


If you simply don't care about it being pretty, if it starts up through the shorting starter method, wire up a push start and swaps the cigarette lighter for a push start. Video tutorial:
In your case, the red and white wire should be connected, they are the starter control wire (responsible for sending 12v from ignition)

However, just a quick thought I had. Maybe when you dropped your key, the transponder chip inside the actual key you have broke? Take the key apart and see if there is anything wrong with the transponder inside the actual key.

Yeah so its an immobiliser fault. I think your fuel pump and injectors are not being activated.

I don't think there is any way to bypass it, your transponder chip in the key is probably not communicating with the NATS system. Have a look at hiring an auto electrician to reprogram the key, or just go to the dealer. Its like 80 euro.

I mean you could try strip out the whole electrics system or something.