Key issue help!

Daughter drove to a friends, got out of car couldn't find key?
Wife went with spare key and brought it home, car won't lock with spare key its as if the original key is still in the car?
Disconnected battery reconnected and still same.
Disconnected again and managed to lock it with the spare key?
Had the car virtually to bits and still can't find the missing key.
My head hurts now
How long did you remove battery for?
Try for 30 mins if you just removed it and then reinstalled.

If your trouble is with locking put key in ignition first then turn 2nd position before starting then back.
And then try to lock see if that works.
The key might have fallen down the back of the carpet in the drivers footwell or maybe down the side of the seat.

You can also lock it from the inside then lock the door manually if needs be..

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I think so just press fob or touch button on door, as long a she key is in the car it will start.
We do wonder off she left it on the roof whilst securing the dog, then it would still start, its fell off on route? but it still started after?
Virtually had the car to bits looking its a key with bottle opener and hose jkey on not like it could be lost in the car or could it?
Well after several hours and 5 people looking we found the keys trapped in the parcel shelf!
Its now all working as it should!
Thanks for all your input its much appreciated