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K14 New Micra Owner

Hey guys,

Recently picked up my first venture into the Nissan game.
Car history has went: Lupo, 1.9tdi Ibiza (stage 2), Civic Type R, Seat Arosa Sport, Leon FR TFSI (stage 1), Volvo XC60 and lastly a cheap runaround E46.
Was scrawling through autotrader because my E46 headgasket went and needed a reliable car for the family, stumbled upon the new Micra. Gobsmacked how far they have came and how modern they look, went for a test drive and fell in love.

Anyway here she goes:
2017 - 40k miles
Energy Orange

Future planned mods arent too crazy, hopefully start 2022 after Christmas:
Carbon wrap the front chrome grill to match rear bumper
Debadge the back
Front splitter (If i can find one for this model, any ideas??)
Lowering Springs
Would love a set of Japan Racing 11s at some point when i have the funds
Potentially Remap depending how these engines are with some tweaks.

Shes in today for an alloy refurb courtesy of the dealership.
One issue I have noticed was the drivers mirror is reluctant to unfold during start up - potential motor issue??

Having played around with paint for a little bit and looking at different alloy wheels all day at work..
Kinda falling in love with this, Bola B10s