K14 Modifications

Hi all,
Do we eveen have any other k14 owners here?
Im planning on doing some modifications to my K14 0.9ig-t,

lowering springs,
H&R 35/35 there are other choices eibach/vogtland/pi/apex/direnza, as far as i recall H&R were decent on almeras anyway.

Dump valve,
Has anyone fitted one, does it sound like a mouses fart?
the only one i can find specific is a forge i would like to fit a HKS if i can find a geenuine one for a reasonable price, and probably blank off where required

wind deflectors,
team heko, anyone fitted some ? is the fit decent iv seen some excellent and some #### fitment

That will probably be it for a while , i will need to be able to refit the standard bits for servicing/warrenty upkeep, id like to fit a panel filter ill take some measurments and see if there is something that will fit the standard airbox