K14 Modifications

Hi all,
Do we eveen have any other k14 owners here?
Im planning on doing some modifications to my K14 0.9ig-t,

lowering springs,
H&R 35/35 there are other choices eibach/vogtland/pi/apex/direnza, as far as i recall H&R were decent on almeras anyway.

Dump valve,
Has anyone fitted one, does it sound like a mouses fart?
the only one i can find specific is a forge i would like to fit a HKS if i can find a geenuine one for a reasonable price, and probably blank off where required

wind deflectors,
team heko, anyone fitted some ? is the fit decent iv seen some excellent and some #### fitment

That will probably be it for a while , i will need to be able to refit the standard bits for servicing/warrenty upkeep, id like to fit a panel filter ill take some measurments and see if there is something that will fit the standard airbox


Do have a friend with a Brabus smat fortwo that uses the same Renault engine 0.9 turbo. But puts out 109 bhp as standard. He tried a tuning box but was underwhelming so got the ECU flash at a speciaist. Now has 135 bhp and has been reliable and no problems other than wheel spin in the wet.
Not sure if the turbo is bigger on the Brubus to start with but the re flash made the car much more fun with better low down torque.

Hope this helps.

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I don't think we have many K14 owners on here. The H4Bt engines are utilised in a lot of different vehicles between Nissan, Renault, Smart and even Dacia.

I'd imagine the Brabus variant has some slightly different hardware compared to the otherwise standard 90bhp offerings. The spec sheets on H4Bt lists maximum boost pressure at 2.05bar, which is pretty typical of todays modern engines. That'll be a piddly little turbo that gets up quickly but lacks efficiency when pushed. I'd imagine peak boost is fairly low down and tapers towards redline, which is why you don't see much in the way of gains compared to other marques which are aimed at the performance end of the market.

I'm used to a K11 with more power than I honestly need, so any factory offering from Nissan isn't going to tickle my fancy. Still, with H4Bt remaps stating +20bhp gains over stock, it will certainly help get that big 1052kg body about :)
Not had major amount done to my k14 other than chrome badge, all front plastics (fog light surrounds, lower bumper, lower grille) and the faux carbon and fog light surround on the rear colour matched, and the nissan badge shaved from the rear. Few stickers on the inside of the sunstrip and dashboard and thats about it, in the next couple of months I'll order black
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