K13 reliability - any good?

Thinking of moving from K12, to K13, but it has had some poor reviews.
How is the reliability? Are they as reliable and tough as the K11 and K12?



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Lower control arms bushes and anti roll bar bushes are typical items to go. Control arm bushes tend to go on ours every couple of years.

We have had from almost new (9 month old/8000 miles/2012 plate), and today it has rolled over to 70,000. It has been an affordable and cheap car to run so far, even factoring in the usual service items, control arms and the tensioners repair - my aim is either 100,000 or get it to the 2022 when we will look at replacing it with an all electric car - need to pay off my Megane RS first!

Overall reliability has been good with a few annoyances, however after owning it for that long from so young, we have had that initial benefit of initial reliability.

Ours admittedly has probably had a hard life compared to most. From me giving it a good 'work out' down country roads, as well as it being used as a shopping trolley with a load of short trips or school run, and kids climbing through the car.

I would say if you can find a later model with low miles which looks looked after they it should be as reliable as ours has been (DIG-S is fun and nippy, but a less popular with more to go wrong and some parts are expensive/nissan only), but keeping in mind the control arm/anti roll bar regular replacement.