K13 diesel

Interesting, not suprised though but i'd imagine that it'd be the same 1.5 dCi turbo diesel they use in the k12 (Which has some nice power behind it, 86 ps) but this is stating 62ps? and 140nm of torque,

Maybe a very economical sollution or?

Wait, just watched the rest of the video o_O

That is the k9k engine, but why aren't they pushing more power through it o_O??
I am a bit puzzled and surprised by it too.

I didn't think there was going to be a diesel.

The petrol in the K13 is claimed to be at least as economical as the diesel in the k12.

So why the need for a diesel?

I am sure at the beginning of the clip it mentions 2 versions so maybe there will also be the 86bhp one? It would be nice if they would stick the 105bhp version in, but I can't see it. The 65bhp version will feel underpowered, but won't be too bad once it gets going.

Perhaps they are going to give the diesels longer gearing and / or make some other changes to make them more economical than the K12 diesels?

Some markets may prefer a diesel and I certainly thought they were missing a trick when they announced that there wasn't going to be one. Town driving in a petrol from my experience ruins fuel consumption.

I have a Renault K12:eek:, 5 door:eek:, diesel(86bhp):eek: oh, the shame, lol.

Most of my driving is town driving and even when driving hard I have no problem averaging high 50's mpg. It is also pretty rapid and has the power when you need it (eats petrol engined cars on dual carriageways for breakfast). I just wish it was the 105bhp version, but I can do something about that myself for about £400-500:grinning:


India, and other markets around the world are getting different variations of the Micra, with different engine options. I think the Chinese market even get one with the HR16DE engine!