K13 air mix door sized

Hi all. We recently inherited a a 2012 Micra, the only issue is the heater was stuck on cold. I have seen this has been covered a few times and seams to be common that the cable jumps off. Well mine had jumped off because the mechanism is really stiff to move but will move with force. Is there a way of accessing the mechanism more or do I need to remove the dash and HVAC unit and replace it? I have full travel and nothing catches it just won't easily move.


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Not much you can do with the HVAC in place other than adjust that cable. Chances are the mix door is getting jammed inside.

When I had the problem with the cable jumping, I did spray some white grease around the mix door mechanism. Not sure if it helped any in my case, but might be worth a shot before committing to taking the dash out which is a heck of a job really!