K13 1.2 N/A Cold Air Feed & Pipercross Panel Filter

Hello all, picked up my little K13 on the 13th March, fitting! Decided to slightly modify the air intake for the better. Here is what I did...

Firstly I bought a Pipercross Panel Filter (spongey rather than paper) which is a direct swap for the paper filter. I then took the original feed to the airbox off and measured the hole it left. Being around 50mm, I went straight to ebay and bought a Pipercross 50mm x 750mm pipe which takes the air from the drivers side of the grill into the front of the airbox, I got a pipe with black end caps as I want a standard look.

After fitting I took it for a drive. I have noticed that above around 43mph upwards the car seems noticably more powerful, it's also more responsive and economic. The difference in noise is minor.

This modification would require different parts for the DIG-S I assume. My micra is the N/A version.

I have a spare K13 Pipercross filter sealed and in it's original packaging if anyone is interested, contact me. £25ono delivered to mainland UK (tracked).

The other very small modification/adjustment I made is I pulled off the cover under the steering wheel, located the OBD socket, then I unclipped it from it's hole so that it is free to dangle down. I then replaced the cover. When not in use, the socket can rest on the inside of the cover to eliminate the risk of damage. I did this so that I can connect to my OBD port easily. I can confirm that Torque & Torque Pro (android obd reader) work well with standard settings.

Have a nice weekend all, and thanks for letting me join the club.

Thank you, very much appreciated. Love your K12, and number plate! Great website.

I've also replaced the amber indicator bulbs at the front with chrome ones, 581 chrome in eBay brings them up for less than £4 a pair including delivery. All bulbs except fog lights are very easily accessible. Fog lights have an access gap below the bumper but it seems awkward without the car being jacked up. Really like the indicator bulbs, think it makes the car look smarter and sleeker. Don't like the blue tint H4's I put in though, they will probably be replaced in the near future.