K12 Window mechamism fault?

My passenger side, electric window keeps sticking half way up, when going up.

It seems the nylon runners have become lose after 15 years.
The window does not sit right and has to be tilted right for the motor to get it all the way to the top.

Any clues on how to fix this?

I have the same issue.
Occasionally well every time the passenger door has been open it jams on its way down the window sticks then bangs once that happens it goes down and back up fine but some how is slower and seems to struggle a lot.

Any ways I was thinking so I just buy a window mechanism and try to fit the new part or is there something else that I'm missing.
Because the mechanism does work its just struggling.
Maybe yours is damaged on the opposite side to mine?

When I get chance to look at it I will post a few photos if I find anything obvious that stands out to be causing the window to stop.
Thanks, please do.
My mechanic said he could drill new holes in the door frame, and bring the clamps in a little, and so fix the problem, its either that or buy a new mechanism.
Mine sticks half way up going up, it seems to be just the nylon runners and clamps have worn out.
Try cleaning & then lubricating the glass inside & outside, with car body polish, to assist it slide on its guides & also within the age hardened window seal strips? :)
Yea I see mine stick at the front next to mirror this part is hardened from the sun..
At first I used silicon spray and this really worked great making the window slide much more freely.
The window seal strips if you do clean them out you will find that there is a lot of muck inside them.
I used a few q tips.

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You can buy full electric window kits for cheap these days, people usually buy them to retrofit into cars that came with winding windows - no need to fit a nissan one or an exact replacement

Sticking halfway up means that your motor is probably worn as well as the plastic geared parts (not sure what it's called) - even if it's sticking a strong motor should have the torque to get it up if all those parts were in good condition, it'd just squeak. Once the squeak starts everything gets worn quickly since it's only cheap plastics working against the friction resistance of the rubber seals and weight of the glass
Well I had a search last night for a decent guide.
I'm convinced mine sticks on the runners half way up.
Silicone spray worked well for a while but this time I'm going to use a silicone paste as this would probably work better.
Failing on that I will look further into the door card.
Replacement being the last option as if we are to remove the card why not give this a try.
I'm pretty sure that the guide needs to be followed from start to finish. That isn't to say that the last part won't work in my case.

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Confirmed what I said has worked for me stuck ones now it runs way smoother..
:- important to clear the junk out of runners first I have tested 4 to 5 times door open then closed this is when it happens for me but now it's fine.

Edit:- Today it stuck again so might have to look into it further.
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