K12 Starting issues continued

Ok all
My Micra ( as posted on prvious occasions) is still poorly and all pointers lead to the cam chain stretch - although I am not 100% convinced, and heres why.

1. When i disconnect the crank sensor the car starts - a little bumpy at first try - the Engine man light flashes 3 times and the engine runs up to the idle speed and ticks over no problem. I then reconnect the crank sensor and drive the car. a lack of power and pulling etc.

2. After the car has warmed up and ignition is turned off and back on the car starts ok and drives as well as it did before the troubles first started.

3. If left for a period of time then I have to do the same routine again ( sensor off etc)

Anyone have any ideas ???

Also if I have to change the chain can it be done without taking the engine out.I have heard it inferred that it can, if so can you lovely experts out there brifly explain how I can do this. I have the workshop manual (on Disk) but it just says remove the engine etc etc etc

your hlp would be very welcome




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by the time you,ve pulled the g/box back, removed the sump, and chain casing, oilpump and cylinder head, you may as well have taken the engine out freddie fwn.
but before doing anything, you need to measure that tensioner throw :)


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if the crank sensor has lines scorn on it then new sensor and burn out the starter ring on the flywheel

also if the tensioner piston is out more than 10mm then the chain it stretched
wipe the rocker cover off and have a look at it
thanks fordy
I Checked the protruson of the piston and it looks as if it is more than the 10mm that is suggested.
looks like new chain then !!!!!

What I have trouble with is why does it start with the crank sensor disconnected and sometimes normal.

Also how would I "burn off" the build up on the flywheel without setting fire to the car ( although at the moment that doesnt seem like a bad idea ermm).

So next question is how much is the whole job likely to cost - I am a resonable engineer and have the tools ( no hoist and no facilities only front yard)

Thanks you have been great




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freddie if you drop me a email on fordy51@hotmail.com i'll send you my phone number and i can talk you through the processes

the only special tools you need is air compressor and blow gun the rest is just a standard tool chest set of tools :grinning: