K12 standard bluetooth radio - can it do bluetooth music also?


I was wondering if there is anyway to play music from my phone to this head unit please? I've got the bluetooth calls setup without any problems, but I can't figure out whether it can play music also.


I have the same stereo and I don’t think you can stream music over bluetooth. I plug my phone into the 3.5mm port and select AUX when I want to listen to podcasts/music.
You can use your iphone if you install a ipod docking system. A lot of micra's 25 th edition have this option. I will send you a picture if you are interested....i am sure i have one but i have to search for it.....

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Hi i have the 25th edition micra do you know where the AUX is or how i would connect my music in the car any other way?
Hi i have the 25th edition micra do you know where the AUX is or how i would connect my music in the car any other way?
Just bought a 25th edition C+C myself and I’ve disconnected the iPod dock and replaced it with the standard Aux socket. I’m in the process of getting the wiring correct as it has a spare connector for the aux socket. But doesn’t work when I select the Aux button on the radio. Here’s some pics of the process.

Mi chiedevo se c'è comunque la possibilità di riprodurre musica dal mio telefono a questa unità principale, per favore? Ho configurato le chiamate bluetooth senza problemi, ma non riesco a capire se può riprodurre anche la musica.


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Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema, solo se puede usar cds y la entrada de auxiliar ipod..
Puede usar su iPhone si instala un sistema de conexión para iPod. Gran parte de la 25ª edición de micra tiene esta opción. Te enviaré una foto si estás interesado... estoy seguro de que tengo uno, pero tengo que buscarlo...

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hola, la entrada del auxiliar es de ipod pero como consigo algún conector para colocar la entrada de un iPhone ???