K12 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Using Clio Parts

This subject may have been covered before however has anybody actually completed the job, rear drums on any car perform perfectly adequately however they just look awful.

My research leads me to believe that it is a relatively easy swap over in terms of fitting the rear beam axle from a Clio onto a Micra as the parts from both cars are essentially the same with some differences only in the brake lines and the issue with the ABS sensor, is this correct, has anyone done this conversion?

I've heard an alternative is to use the disc brake stub axles from a suitably equipped Clio which apparently also physically fit on a Micra, can anyone confirm this either way?
Don't know about conversion, yes Clio MK3 and early Modus had similar set ups, but as for hand brake set up this would a serious reworking. try renewing rear brakes including the back plates and get the drums CHROME PLATED:unsure: would give you the same effect, as for the braking power the large shoes used for the lightweight Micra are strong enough to lock up the rear wheels at speed with the hand brake. So It's up to you, do you go to all that work to modify a system that is more than adequate for the job and is weather protected or not.
I agree it'd be a lot of work, as I said it would be purely for the aesthetic appeal not as a performance upgrade, as ugly as they are I know the drums do a perfectly adequate job. I do not think the conversion would be drastically difficult, regarding the handbrake, how hard can it be, essentially in very simplistic engineering terms it's just a handle that operates a cable, the brake force distribution between front and rear would be trickier, again not insurmountable problem.