K12 Radio Codes

I need the radio code for my Micra K12 2006 model year the radio info,


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BP5384 6 9468733
7 645 384 318


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Thankyou very much! But I have an issue entering the code, I type in the code than I want to enter it with tuner up button but the code stays on... How can I enter it differentley?
The up button is obviously not the correct one for your radio, just try all of the other buttons (other than the number ones you entered the code with) and when you hit the right one the code will be accepted...
Hi, we bought our 2006 c+c a year ago with no radio code, been using a work around every time we start the car but if anyone can help with a code that would be great. Serial number is BP 5384 6 94851 42, the garage we bought it from was no help, just said they had lost all its service booklets. Apart from this the car is fantastic
Hi. Posted in here a while ago and I've Finally got round to getting the serial number on our micra. It's a blaupunkt 6 CD unit so was a bit nervy about attacking it but got there in the end. I've got the 'Wait 1 hour' showing so someone has obviously tried a code before. Hopefully I can just wait 1 hour and have a go.

BP5365 5 6445676

Thats the serial number, any help will be much appreciated by my wife and daughter, which will earn me dad points. I'll pass em on to you for helping if you want some.

Hi there, I was hoping someone is still giving out these security codes as I've recently changed the battery on my 2006 Nissan Micra 160sr and I don't know the 4-digit security code to get my radio working again..... I would be happy to throw a couple of £££'s your way for the help....

It's a 6-disc CD changer stereo with the steering wheel controls, and the information printed on the back of the stereo is: -#

Blaupunkt-Werke GMBH
* Made in Portugal
BP5387 6 9676542

Nissan MMR IDC-G
7 645 387 318

e1 024199 076

And there's a separate sticker above that says: -

I will try and attach a photo...
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo this makes me so happy!

Just tried it and it works a treat :)

I've got a long drive down to London at the end the month so at least now I won't go stir crazy. Many thanks!