K12 Radio Code...

Hi can anyone help I am in need of a code for my Nissan Micra radio or can anyone point me in the general direction of how to get one. I would much appreciate it, the serial number is; PP-3001MB0025420 although there is another number that is CL081680025420 Thanks Paddy
I can only de-code Blaupunkt radios. The 'CL' in the part number of yours suggests that it is a radio/CD made by Clarion, so can't help and not sure if anyone else on here can help either.........
Thank you for the responce John, Nissan sent me a code which was held on their system, but everytime i input the number it sends me straight to the 1 Hr mode.... Although i can bypass the code by pressing 4 & pressing the power button twice, shame you have to do this process everytime you turn the ignition on... but thank you for the advice & reading my problem.