K12 Radio Code please

Hi, Could anyone help me find the radio code for my K12 Micra 1.2 SE 2003. Here are the details:

Serial No. BP234631987485
Part No. 7642346318

Please help as my Nissan dealer is being less than useless with this. They never provided me with the code from buying the car new, and I didn't realise this until now (7 years later!).

Your help is much appreciated.
Just an update to say I've managed to find the formula to work out the code for free online (still not heard anything from Nissan!) fwn
Anyway, thankyou to all those who took the time to view.
Its great to have music again!! :laugh:
hey zeddy, would you mind sharing where you got the code? i've just bought a K12 Micra 1.2 SE 2005 which has no code, so it's be useful to have it! thanks