K12 Power steering

K12 1.5 Diesel key less
Power steering works some times others doesn't.
Did it this morning. I have tried to read the fault code (Blue Point Micro scan) but next time I turned it on it wasn't showing fault? Tested battery which is showing good, but slight recharge?
Now How can I systematically test this as I can't afford to just rush out and buy bits.
Can I fit a scrap column?
It's not rocket science so surely it should be testable?
Does the car display an engine management light when the issue occurs. Can you attach a code reader and have it connected whilst you drive the car to see what you can find?
I would have thought that you would have other issues if the battery was not holding a charge or discharging too quickly.
The steering in these is electronic and is speed related.
There seems to be a common fault on certain years where the system fails and begins with the steering intermittently cutting out and throwing the engine management light and or the power steering light on briefly.
Apparently these are the common fault codes that you may see:
C1606 - Motor malfunction
C1608 - Control unit malfunction
I don't see why you can't swap it out for another and see what happens. Someone more familiar with this area will confirm this, I'm not sure if this component will need programming to the car or not.
Thanks it looks like my Bluepoint microscan only reads engine codes. When I wooled the fault PS light had clear its self but showed P0670 Glow plug control module? Starts and drives fine?
Apparently the power steering light flashes intermittently when this occurs so it may be tricky to catch the fault code. I guess it is the power steering column/module that is failing. The other code you have noticed is most likely not related to the steering issue. I'd do what you said in your earlier post, swap out the steering column for another and see if it solves the issue.