k12 power steering

Just finished repairing one of these its the third one i have done ! just swap it for a second hand one . after the swap the car will not start, natts light will be on ,leave the car for an hour or so and it will start , The natts light will come on again after 5 mins this does not affect the running of the car in anyway


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I have tried two different second hand units and left the car for days and it still will not start.
Any other solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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It wouldn't matter, the EPS is paired to the BCM and will restrict starting if it's a 2nd hand unit.
Can be cleared with the correct CAN messages.

Hi Jason - I am new on here so can't PM

I am wondering if you are able to help, I am in Solihull but someone in the street I live has just started a new job with the NHS and has asked could I look at their car for them, the steering is starting to fail by the sounds of it. I can go and look at it but not sure where to start. I know the immobiliser is part of the system as I have suggested I may be able to disable to motor to stop it locking on but I am not familiar with this car, most other brands no issue but I have nothing nissan orientated and would like to get the car fixed for them - either replacement pump system etc

If you could drop me a message that would be great, I will see if I can track you down in the mean time and yes I Have seen a post saying you are moving house?


Hey. Happy to help. Will drop you my number via pm
@huttojb Hi there huttojb. I have a PSC problem - don't know if you can help me with it? I live in Oldbury, can travel without the PS locally. Had the PSC column rebuilt twice, third time used another second hand one. Same PS symbol appears on dashboard each time and stops working. If you could help please PM me your number. NB I can't PM you atm because only just joined this site and you have to be member for seven days and have posted five messages to do so! Thank you!