K12 Parcel Shelf Clip


I was wondering if anyone could help me with regards to the clips that hold the parcel shelf in place as one of mine seems have gone missing.

I tried googling it to no avail and in the end contacted my local Nissan dealer parts and was told " it comes with the parcel shelf and is not available separately".

It just seemed odd that would be the case, I've attached a couple of images to clear up which part it is as there are about three it seems as it confused the local parts guys at first before I got that reply.

Any help would be appreciated, Many thanks!

IMG_20200702_110351[1].jpg image001 (1).png
Just to necro a thread, without finding this post first I'd kinda come to the conclusion that 01553 2109E looked close enough, one of mine is also missing for some reason, no idea how it could fall off since it was a fair struggle to remove the remaining one. Put an order in for a pair of them (2 of the back half, 2 of the front half, so can do both sides to match if it works), and if it doesn't work, it's a very small amount of money wasted in the grand scheme of things, and far less than buying a replacement parcel shelf from the dealer or even used on ebay. I'll update this post with success / failure, and if it works I'll also put it on my blog thread https://www.micra.org.uk/threads/2005-160sr-3dr.72525/ with photos

They are way smaller, like a few mil too small so I just snapped both of them using percussive maintenence to see if it would go on with a bit of force, but nope. Now they are broken the parcel shelf stays in place, but it doesnt swing up or down properly, and lifting the boot pulls it straight out. Don't bother, there must be other ways of sorting this without getting a new parcel shelf
10mm thick plastic sheet or plywood, copy shape of opening, use correct drill bit and file to shape opening like in the clip.
Use few screws to attach self made part to inside of parcel shelf lip to correct position.
This fix won't be pretty but, it's visible only when trunk lid is open :unsure:
And most of the people do drive their trunk lid closed! ;)

Here in the Land of the Finns, parcel shelf clips have been fixed this way for decades... ;):cool:

If this seems to bee too difficult to you, UK youth of now days, try to find factory made parts... :unsure: