K12 Micra - Front wipers stopped working - Wiper Relay?

Hi Guys, got a strange one here, the wipers suddenly stopped working, checked all usual stuff.

Fuse 38 (under the head lamp) in the little white box (IPDM??) which was fine.
Checked earth contacts fine
Checked the motor I can feed 12vs into it and works fine

Got my meter out to see what voltage was getting to the motor. Found out that the Orange lead to the IPDM was reading 12v all the time (basically cutting the circuit) even when the wiper switch was on intermitent, and low/high and 0v was coming from both the Yellow (low) and the Light Green (high) leads.

I can hear clicking from the relay inside the white box, so Im guessing the switch is working although the relay doesnt always click on/off. Could this be faulty???

Does anyone know what this could be?? looking in the Haynes Manual is says there are 2 relays for the front wiper, I think these are buried in the IPDM can anyone confirm this? Also does anyone know which wires carry the juice to the wiper motor from the IPDM? Haynes is c%4p on showing that kind of useful info!!

Any ideas are most welcome!!