K12 micra 1.0e stalling all the time

The car cuts out when breaking, on cold morning low idle time and sometimes cuts out itself. The worst is coming to a roundabout dropping from 3rd to 2nd to sneak out and realise youve got no power as when you put the clutch in the car dies. I biught the car in september and its just started to do this but cant get 100 yard down street without it stalling. Sometimes its fine but 90 percent of time these are the issue when its running its a great car its the stalling issue thats a problem. Any help please
Got it booked in for diagnostics monday. Rang nissan dealership n they quoted 84quid for it to be ran on doagnostics got it done from local garage for 20. Im a novice to all this. Took to local garage before they checked spark plugs and tried to increase idle and cleaned out the throttle body worked okay for a day then same happened again
Just bought one of amazon obd2 diagnostic for 7 quid of amazon had a look earlier gets delivered in a few days hopefully can get it sorted. Great little car other then this issue
Still waiting on obd2. Started car up blue cold start light came on revs pikked up straight away then started to rough idle and stallled on its own. Did this 3 times. Pressed accelorator give it bit revs then it idled okay bit shaky. Drove to end of street to t- junction slowed down into fist and kabam the car cut out again. It improves slightly when blue light of however same tends to happen but not as much.


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Still waiting on obd2. Started car up, blue cold start light came on, revs picked up straight away, then started to rough idle and stalled on its own. Did this 3 times. Pressed accelerator to give it a few revs then it idled okay,but a bit shaky. Drove to end of the street to a t- junction, slowed down into first and kabam, the car cut out again. It improves slightly when blue light is off, however the same tends to happen just not as much.
The translation, if anyone wanted it :p (Sorry ryan, had a bit of trouble understanding, had to read through a few times)
Could anyone please help me or guide me through how to increase idle time in the throttle body and what screws need adjusting, was advised from a garage to try this first before paying for anything and to remove the sensors and give them a clean, i told him my computer was coming he didnt take too kindly for me declining a diagnostic test at a very costly price. just need it sorting i know it will eventually end up in a garage however id like to try everything before that happens. just getting madder by minute when it stalls when the clutch is dipped and the idle drops to zero and never recovers. grrrrrrr.
Removed the throttle body. Got som carb cleaner scrubbed the hell out of it. Put car back together idles perfectley. No rough idle. Car doesnt stall when dipping clutch just idles at 1000rpm. 4 quid of spray fixed the car. Back to happy days with the micra machine.