K12 Lowering springs

I’ve got a 54 plate pre-face lift K12, so far I’ve straight piped it, put clear indicators on and I’ve debadged it.
Next up is wheels and suspension; I’ve got some 15” TSW Alpine’s which will fit when I get some sort of a “spigot ring” I think it’s called (my hubs are a tiny bit too small). As for suspension, the arch gap is enormous, and I really wanna lower it.
I spotted some coilovers, but they were just shy of £450, and I wanted something cheaper. I’ve spotted some 45/50mm Eibach lowering springs, and I was just wondering if they’re a good brand or if 50mm is still driveable? If not, any recommendations? Thanks:)
Just a quick update, I’ve put on the 50mm Eibach springs, they’re amazing!
I’d definitely recommend them, I’ve still only got my 14” steelies on but it looks amazing and the drive is so comfortable