K12 Induction Kit for sale


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Right well as some of you may know that I am getting rid of my K12 and that I had made an induction kit for it. It has a pipercross filter, a larger diamiter pipe, a new airbox and an alu heat shield and I recently used some alu ducting to get some cold air to the filter, which realy helps.

You can see the thread here a pic is there too (quite a large one tho) and it doesn't show the cold air intake as it wasn't there when I took the picture.

I will take some more pictures sometime soon with the bits out of the car.

How does £80 sound?

I also have a K&N pannel filter (its a bit of a current to fit as its stiffer than a nissan one but it does fit) £20

PS You will have to pay delivery too.