K12 Ignition Barrel

My 2004 k12 is suffering from the usual ignition barrel being worn and finding it hard to turn the key far enough to start it.

basically im just wondering is there a part of the barrel i can replace from a scrappy car that will suit mine, or is it a custom piece on every car seeing as its to do with the key?

and if it involves venturing to the main dealer for the work then the dreaded 'how much' phrase springs to mind?

also is there anything i can do to the barrel to ease my sitiuation temporarily? just i might have to do some saving before i can fix it if its a main dealer job

hope u guys are as useful as ever, cheers, Andy
This is what I suffering too, I have a 53reg Nissan Micra 1.2SE, the ignition knob switch became quite difficult to turn when I starting the engine, sometimes(I was want to say it's every time:[ ) I need to slightly turn the steering wheel to found a position where the ignition knob can able to turnning to ON position, anyone can help? many thx


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you need to get the ignition switch behind the barrel and for what the cost ur better off getting one from the dealers
there two types of switches as there was a problem with the original ones.
the original is totally black, the superceeded part has a white center to it.
(that info is only useful if your going for a second hand switch)

i got my switch for 35 euros from a scrap yard.
i changed it in my front garden with nothing more than a philips screwdriver, its not a difficult job, it is just ridiculously time consuming due to its location, but dont be afraid to D.I.Y. it.

a new switch from nissan is around 80 euro + V.A.T. + fitting.

if you are thinking of doing it yourself feel free to p.m. me for any help. :D

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Hi Guys - I think i have this problem also - Turn ignition & nothing happens at the starter.
Is it possible to hotwire across the terminals on the ignition switch to confirm this is the issue?
Reason i ask is because i just changed my starter to a new one thinking that or the soleniod was the problem only to find i still have the same issue.
With ignition in start position & the starter motor tapped the damn thing started - think it must have been coincidence tho.(this was with old starter in)

SO - is it possible to put the key into the start postion & bridge a couple of terminals on the current ignition switch to confirm this time i have the correct fault - if so does anyone know which terminals to bridge please?
Or Continuity across which terminals with a multi meter?

New OEM starter was R650 - From Nissan they wanted R5800 so i'd kinda like to confirm the switch is the issue if i'm having to give Nissan hard-earned
Is a 2004 K12 & it will start push starting so i guess that rules out it being a NATS issue,Battery also ok.

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So now i have it out i can see access to the terminals ain't possible with it in place......This one is already the "white centre" new issue one which makes me doubtful whether this will be the problem,ignition has never felt very nice so give it a shot a guess,......./puts vaseline in pocket & wanders off to Nissan