K12 help finding a decat pipe or manifold?

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me I've searched the Internet for decat pip or decat manifold for a k12 micra but all I seem to find is them for k11 micra why can't I find any to fit a K12 is there a reason or another model or cars decat pipe or decat manifold that will fit my k12 micra? Any answers or ideas would be greatly appreciated folks
You will have to measure the length and pipe diameter of your existing cat and then search for a off the shelf decat in your size as not sure of year of model and engine size, this may be something you will have to adapt up your self, and then swap back again for the MOT.:unsure:
Nissan cube one may fit.
Might have been Nismo stainless steel.
Looked at plenty of manifolds myself since purchasing a heatsheild and not being able to bolt it up.

That was the option I was interested in because this cube exhaust system has flanges and they would have matched my system as far as fittings unsure however about clearance and curves for actual fitting.
The manifold however is identical provided you pick the one for your engine size.

Other options you have would be to clear the Converter out so its hollow.
Wouldn't recommend this unless you know what your doing tho.
Since it will mess with your mot and most likely your ecu computer.

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Something like this is what you probably are looking for.
Not sure if this one would fit but this is a close example of what you would use to decat.
Maybe are other methods unknown to me such as finding others that fit via measurements of ports.

Take a look hope this helps.

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