k12 headlights

I'm fixing my micra as I've damaged the front bumper and wing so I'm looking at possibly replacing my headlights (as they have wear on them from a previous owner).
I've found some black ones and wondered what peoples views are of the black headlights and if anyone could post a picture of what they look like on a k12 as I'm unsure if I should buy them.

I have a black Micra btw!


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Never heard of black ones, have you got a link?
Had projectors on the Puma, were the most useless lights I've ever used, you'd see more having candles on the bonnet. fitted 6000k HIDs in the end but due to the terrible design most cars on standard lights were still brighter!
these black lights are the ones that come stock on the sport+ and 160sr models right ?
Correct ;)
I think they were possibly an option at sale too...so you may luck out with a model variant such as an SX or XS in a scrap yard? ;)
Oh ok was just wondering
ive got them on mine as ive got a Micra Sport+ :p

EDIT: Yes ive seen them on some SX Models too !
No problem ;)
luckily haven't got any damage on either of mine, but I think we'll have to change my mums at some point though
...the clouding problem has come back a bit <_< (hers are the chrome/silver backed) think hers would look better in black too :p
Lol haha
mind you theres a pair on ebay for £90 !
also a single n/s black headlight for £30 !
might be worth buying and waiting until a cheap o/s comes along !
Whilst we Are on the subject of the k12 headlights, does anyone know where I can get the headlights where the indicator is in the headlight unit as a sort of teardrop?

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^Hi VitzJoe, You may struggle to get these as a reasonable price...I haven't seen them outside of Australian and Thai K12's :(
besides I think the indicators, where they are on UK versions, are clearer to other road users..
....of course these headlights would be absolutely brilliant if you're planning on changing your bumper completely/covering the indicators over ;)

Good luck ...and if you do go for these don't forget, as well as quite alot of postage, you will almost certainly Have to pay import tax and possibly a brokerage fee to the courier too... <_<
Where do u buy the black headlights mate?
Almost any parts site you can find. Its an original nissan headlight. You just need to know where to look. I dont know what parts sites are popular in the UK or wherever you re from
So you ll need to do a quick google search for "Micra k12 parts"

Original nissan Parts numbers. (Note: this is a cheaper headlight due to not having headlight adjusting motors.)

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