K12 drivers side engine mount.

I need to buy a drivers side engine mount, but there seem to be about half a dozen ones to choose from. I could buy it from Nissan but expect it to be expensive ? There are various markings on the original, I am guessing that you look at the colour marking on the central block (White) and read from the list on the top bracket ? I have; 1210 AX600 White All of the aftermarket ones have different markings, the one I was told that fitted only had two of the three fixing holes that lined up but I made it fit, also the centre block is colour coded green. The flex part of the mount seems to be quite stiff and resonates the engine vibrations all over the dash. Is there anyone else that has had this problem ?

Mika The Finn

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On my Micra vehicle driver drives on left side!:unsure:
This is some what international web page, why you UK folks can't use just left or right side of vehicle...?!;)
We always used to use offside and nearside, but most micra owners would know which mount I was talking about. For anyone that doesn't understand and drives on the wrong side of the road. it is the right side engine mount. ;)
AS nobody seems to have an answer for me, I went to my local Nissan dealer to hopefully purchase the correct mount. However, the guy at the dealership was telling me that I meant the left-hand mount as you stand at the front of the car looking at the engine bay. :ROFLMAO: £163.42 😭

If anyone is interested, most of the world started by travelling on the left side of the road so that the sword hand was free to engage an enemy coming in the opposite direction.
Interesting subject, the whole language around near side far side have been universally remapped to help left and right side vehicles discover the correct parts. I personally use continental purchases with Renault or dacia parts which tend to be cheaper and provide for a larger supply. The worshop manuals also refer to left and right side of the vehicle which is determined by sitting in side the vehicle the correlation staying the same as to whether you are in the uk or europe. hope this cleares up the matter.o_O