K12 Bumper in black (2005)

Davey C

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I'm wondering if anyone can help, I need a front bumper for a 2005 K12 in black.

Cash waiting and willing to pick up, can anyone help?


Just spotted another one on ebay...starting at just a penny...it's green and you'd need to sort out courier...but it hink that would only be £10-£15?...ish?

...with regards to painting it, if you're not too bothered about the finish being perfect pop down to Halfords and get some wet and dry paper (and a block if you don't have something suitable) couple of tins of primer couple of tins of the correct code black plus the lacquer and some Tack cloths...all in probabaly...£30 plus a couple of days for rubbing down and paint curing time...plus a space to do it in...

or ring around local body shops and ask for an estimate for a bumper colour change...may work out cheaper to get it done by a professional ;)

I did some painting on my car with rattle cans...the colour was lovely...but my car used to have a vinyl wrap so the colour was already dodgy so doesn't match the shiny new paint *facepalm* ^_^