K12 Body Control Module [BCM]

I'm in need of help.

My 2007 micra has developed a fault, where the fog light is on at all times i.e. ignition and/ switch on or off! This is then draining the battery and so I can't start the car.

I've been told the BCM requires replacing, but at a significant cost.

Does anyone on here know of
1) typical part numbers for the BCM?
2) anywhere that I could pick up a cheap repleacement [new or refurb]
3) have any experience they can offer when it comes to replacing one of these. I'm aware any replacement BCM requires re-coding. Will dealers do this on a customer supplied part?
4) I suspect the problem is a power transistor or relay. Anyone tried replacing one on their BCM?

Any help will be very much appreciated.


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Have a look here :). An awesomely useful site. Had a quick look for you but couldn't find anything called a BCM. I drive a K12 too so am curious :eek:.
The relay for the fog lights has fused. If you dont have a wiring manual feel every relay until you find the one that is hot with the ignition off.


Thanks for the great responses.

First off, for my chassis [Sept 2007; 1.4 DE, 5 door] the part number for the BCM is 284B2EM03B.

Quotes are £287 +vat for the BCM, and £222 for coding and fitting...total of £565...ouch!
I have been passed on to a remanufacturer company BBA-reman that charge £35 to test, and if repairable, £100 +p&p plus no recoding required....great!, only they can take up to 4 weeks!

Thanks for the breakers info kennierobo, will check it out now i have the part number...and its good to know that i have a chance of getting one recoded.

I've found the electrical maintenance manual via this forum, so i think the next step its to look at the output realys [thanks bombardier] and see if this is the fault source and can be corrected easily myself...well worth the effort considering the cost.

Thanks again