K12 blower control switch.

I've been trawling this forum to find any info regarding the blower control switch. Mine works OK on 1 & 2, intermittently on 3 and nothing on level 4. I have replaced the heater resistor but that didn't alter anything. I feel the issue is with the 4 position switch but I can't get to the rear of it via the removed glove compartment. Can someone help with how to get to the electrical connections at the rear of the switch?
Thanks in advance.
You have to remove the console in centre the top part is a clip on or you may have the one with the coin draw.
Remove the two screws here.
The radio has to be taken out then you will see the other screws that allow you to then remove the heater panel.

The cafe late blog has a decent guide or at least some photos that may show you where the things are that your wanting to remove. .