K12 Blaupunkt radio code


I've just bought a 53-plate K12 1.4SX (great car!) with a Blaupunkt radio but the previous owner didn't supply me with the radio code. I've spoken with the local Nissan dealer and they can't supply replacement codes for Blaupunkt radios.

Does anybody know how to get hold of the correct code? I see there are loads of internet companies who charge for the service, but I don't want to spend money if there is no guarantee the code is correct.

The relevant numbers fropm the radio are;
Part Number: 7642 346 318
Serial Number: BP2346 2049 8622

Any help much appreciated!



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Post it on yahoo answers, possible someone could help you there, i'd just get an aftermarket cd player tbh as they are cheap enough and better quality...!!